Francia Sculpting The Poppy

Francia modelling The Poppy
Francia Iniguez’s was born in 1976 in Bilbao Spain. Her father was an accomplished painter and sculptor, her mother a musician and she grew up in a country home surrounded by art and music.

Francia’s passion for literature and story telling, also fostered in her early years, was fed by her English husband who had an insatiable interest in history and World War I in particular.

In 2010 Francia and her husband resettled in England. Unable to resist the urge to join an art college in her new country, she delved into sculpting and was subsequently offered the opportunity to create a life size sculpture of an injured Mercian Soldier.

Creating Dean was a life changing experience which resulted in the decision to focus entirely on the creation of memorial sculptures.

“Some think of war and immediately picture a relentless man-devouring monster. Others see heroes. I am compelled to give form to the incredible stories that fill my mind and imagination, honouring those that are caught up in the human condition we define as war, and for the time being at least seem destined to repeat.”